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Features & Benefits

Many leading flowable bulk fills require a capping layer of another composite because they lack the esthetics or strength to complete a restoration on their own. With Estelite Bulk Fill Flow, higher shade matching, opacity, and glossiness ensure greater esthetics than other brands, while higher compressive strength, cavity adaptation, and lower shrinkage stress offer restorations that are more reliable as well. With no capping layer or other composites needed, having quick, beautiful, and worry-free bulk fill restorations won’t take any extra steps with Estelite Bulk Fill Flow.

Now bulk fill restorations can be beautiful too

5 shades with superior color matching ability blend across a range of different tooth shades, delivering a unique “Chameleon” effect.

Shades available

U Shade Indications:

  • For lighter shades or cervical enamel restorations.
  • For restorations deeper than 4mm: U shade can be used as a bulk fill base liner. Another layer of Estelite Bulk Fill Flow should be placed to finish the restoration.

From translucent to opaque

TRANSLUCENT BEFORE CURING To help the light reach the bottom of the restoration
MORE OPAQUE WHEN CURED For a more natural look than other bulk fill composites

Incredible long lasting glossiness and easy polishability

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow reaches over 90% glossiness in only 60 seconds of polishing, providing a long-lasting glossiness for years to come.

A faster bulk fill

Flowable with no capping layer needed

The innovative formula in Estelite Bulk Fill Flow makes it more esthetic and stronger than other brands, no capping layer needed. Fill up to 4mm with no additional equipment or composites.

Half the curing time of leading bulk fill composites

10 seconds curing is all you need to deliver a beautiful and strong restoration for years to come.

A bulk fill for worry-free restorations

The best cavity adaptation

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow easily adapts to the cavity, flowing into the nooks and crannies, providing an excellent marginal seal and preventing restoration failure.

*Marginal failure, gaps, and voids were common in other tested brands.

Cured to the bottom of the restoration

Thanks to its high translucency at placement, Estelite Bulk Fill Flow cures all the way to the bottom of a 4mm deep restoration in only 10 seconds.

Minimal shrinkage stress

The spherical fillers used in Estelite Bulk Fill Flow reduce shrinkage stress and linear shrinkage to a minimum.

A stronger, more durable bulk fill

52% Stronger than one of the leading bulk fill flowables

Formulated to let patients bite with confidence.

Excellent wear resistance

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow highly resists abrasion and wear for long-lasting posterior restorations.

*Not a registered trademark of Tokuyama Dental America.   Source: Tokuyama Dental Research & Development